Blockable Gas Springs

Overiew of our Blockable Gas Springs :

The Blockable gas spring is widely used in applications where the movement of the gas spring must be controlled, controlled and precise. The lockable gas spring, or gas spring with cable operation, is infinitely adjustable over the entire stroke by operating the unlocking pin and can be fixed at any position during the stroke length. You can find gas pressure springs in your car, for example, and ensure that the hood or boot lid remains up. The range of lockable gas springs is divided into 4 basic models, each with its own specific characteristics.

  • Special requirements or custom springs

    Generally most construction needs can be met by our standard products. We can deliver any force and length of gas spring from our standard product series direct from our warehouse or within a short production time. For special requirements our specialists work on a solution together with the customer to create new dimensions for their products. As always, we make sure that you will receive your products with the requested size and force within the shortest possible time